Metro Last Light Launch Trailer and First Reviews arrive....

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Metro Last Light Launch Trailer and First Reviews arrive....

Post by Killswitchmad on Wed 15 May 2013 - 9:24

OXM - 85

It’s a consistently enjoyable romp that takes one of the most potentially depressing settings imaginable and makes it vibrant, fun, and fascinating. Metro: Last Light is an excellent follow-up to an underrated game, and if you’re looking for a good, meaty first-person adventure, its subterranean world is worth delving into.

Game Informer - 85

Metro: Last Light fixes most of its predecessor's flaws while also improving upon its strengths, delivering gameplay that lives up to the exceptional storytelling

Edge Magazine - 80

Last Light’s pacing – switching as it does between tight tunnels and wide-open abandoned spaces, explosive gunfights and creeping horror, stealth and socialising – could have felt disconnected in the hands of a less-talented developer. Instead it lends its world uncommon depth. The trade-off for a distinctive personality, of course, is that Last Light is occasionally unyielding, but the desire to see what waits in its next tunnel remains a powerful draw throughout.

EGM - 85

If you love a great story and some fun first-person shooter action, Metro: Last Light is sure to please. Only a couple of minor shortcomings hold the experience back, including the much-improved—but still not completely polished—stealth gameplay
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Re: Metro Last Light Launch Trailer and First Reviews arrive....

Post by N1NJA FWG on Wed 15 May 2013 - 12:12

EG gave it a 7. It sounds decent but I really should get a copy of the first and give that a go before I look at this.



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