New XBCL and new Season

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New XBCL and new Season

Post by M00DY Mike on Sat 24 Nov 2012 - 15:11

Now that XBCL solely focus on FIFA, we decided it was time for a move to a new website, after the problems we were having on enjin.
We are currently using a temporary address, but the domain will be changed from the old site as soon as the current pro clubs season is finished.

We would like to invite you to view the new website and to let you know that Singles sign up on the new site is now open!
Pro Clubs sign up will be open in the coming weeks.

So even if you don't play FIFA, please just take a few minutes to register to our new site and have a look around.
Temp address:

XBCL Admins

M00DY Mike
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Re: New XBCL and new Season

Post by FWG Unky Al on Sat 24 Nov 2012 - 15:14

Cheers Mike. Need to have a think about it next season as I know our other team has been pissed about over fixtures with some teams so this has tarnished their view on it.

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Re: New XBCL and new Season

Post by JazZiiee FizZle on Sun 25 Nov 2012 - 16:11

hi mate, send me a pm on xbcl let me know which teams you are on about as then we can look into who enters next season etc and also speak with them. We can't do anything about it or improve things if you don't tell us Smile

JazZiiee FizZle
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Re: New XBCL and new Season

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